Wednesday, May 7, 2008

...Salutations are in Order.

Evening folks.

After completing my web-site it dawned on me that a blog would be far easier than updating my site with the content this blog is soon to hold...

Bottom of the Inkwell started as a folder I kept of drawings and thoughts that were jotted down after a few too many drinks in local bars. After a while, I noticed that the scribbles and crude jokes had a lot more character than my actual illustration work. I drew the wrong conclusions from this, and attempted doing a Political Affairs cover after throwing back a few. Didn't go as planned. I then had the idea to make a small ashcan with the fore-mentioned title, subtitled: An Illustrators Observational Guide to Drinking in Philadelphia. This was put on the back burner. As I started my web-site, I wanted to figure out a way to let the viewer get to know me a little better than what the body of marketable work would let on; thus Bottom of the Inkwell found a use. The sketches on the site are just a few from the folder, I'd like to keep posting current ones on this blog, along with explanations and maybe take some of these doodles to a finished stage and in the end publish the ashcan...


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CHOGRIN said...

Good to see you here my friend.