Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Bottom of the Ink Well" book is finished!

So after a few days worth of scanning and sorting through old crap and using's awesome book layout program, I present to you:
"Bottom of the Inkwell"
52 pages of sketches, largely drawn at Bob and Barbras and assorted philly bars. The drawings are from 2007 to 2009 and include failed attempts for PCS Book III, images used in Parade of Flesh show posters, preliminary work for a few unfinished projects, and some personal work. I'm going to be selling them at this firdays ASOP Hellboy show at Brave New Worlds, and on my new etsy shop:

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hey folks, few announcements:

- Finally got around to putting together "Bottom of the Inkwell", a collection of sketchbook pages from 2007 to 2009, about 52 pages. I'm getting the proofs later this week, copies of the book will be available at the upcoming Autumn Society of Illustration Hellboy show, first friday of December and available on...
-The Etsy shop I'm finishing up. Silkscreened posters, t-shirts, digital prints, and my soon to be finished book will be for sale.
-The 'Dia De Los Muertos' issue of Cigar Press drops this week, including my cover, and a four page spread with current work and an interview.
-I'm taking a more active role with the Autumn Society of Illustration; expect some great things in 2010.
-Looks like master sheets of the Tatuaje Drac Spooky Ticket will soon be available, most likely on the Etsy shop.
Keep an ear to the ground folks, got alot coming to a head!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Magazine cover and 3 page spread...

Hey folks, I know that there are probably very few cigar smokers on this blog, but if any of you happen past a cigar shop, stop in around Halloween and ask for Cigar Press magazine. I did the October cover, along with a three page spread including a brief interview, some of my current work (you've probably already seen) and the spooky ticket promotional item I did for Tatuaje Cigar Company. Below is a tiny detail from the cover... and by the way, the theme for the cover was Dia De Los Muertos...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ever wonder what 75 hours of Ink looks like?

It looks like the above. Ink a couple hours, eyes go cross, smoke a cigarette and wait for eyes to re-align, repeat. Below are the print files of the promotional item for tatuaje cigars. They look a little different printed because they were done on watercolor paper, dyed, and hand numbered. Also, finished the cover for cigar press. The issue drops halloween. In addition to the cover I have a 3 page spread on the inside with images and an interview. If that doesn't result in some work I'm gonna cry.

More soon lovelies. And if not prior, please...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Many thanks to you, lover of art and beer!

Thank you everybody who cam out last friday and supported my friends and I, and thank you so much to the folks who purchased art. While the accommodations, overlapped booking and preliminary headaches from Triumph Brewery were a little infuriating, we put on a hell of a show and the place was packed.

Above is the only piece of mine I was happy with. I was originally supposed to have a native american in it accepting the candy corn, with text reading "The Patron Saint of Halloween bestowing candy-corn upon the savages... The died a short time later". If any of you have read David J. Skal's 'Death Makes a Holiday' you probably understand what I'm getting at.

Working on a alot of projects right now, the Spooky Ticket promo for Tatuaje's Halloween release needs to be done soon, the cover for Cigar Press magazine is due at the end of the month, and two show posters in the works. Cheers!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

make yourself available!

Friday, September 4, 2009
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Triumph Brewing Co. 2nd Floor
117 Chestnut St
Come by and check out new work by:

Leanne Biank
James Heimer
Sam Heimer
Shane Leddy
Anthony Pedro
Ryan Resch
Danielle Rizzolo

There's supposed to be some kind of drink specials and i'm sure some crazy shamwow stealing will ensue ending with Anthony and the Heimer boys picking a fight with some douche bags.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


...rough seas folks. It seems some dead god has manufactured the summer months solely to piss me the fuck off. My scanner is broken. The poster below is the product of miss-communication, I'll probably end up swapping out the type and using it for a different show. Shame, I really liked how it turned out. Apparently Mike Allred is going to be at the baltimore comic con. I found this out a few days after passing on having a table for financial and schedule issues. I happen to own a very large, original piece of Allred art that was from the first comic he was ever paid to work on, under comico, which went bankrupt and the art was seized by the bank before the series was ever published, therefore NO FAN HAS EVER SEEN THIS PIECE.

Below is the finished shirt design for PVC street gang. These guys were awesome to work for. They allready have me doing more work; in a previous post is the tumbnail for the below shirt, next to it is another tumbnail,(the shirt I wanted to end up doing), well, next best thing, it's being turned into a promo-poster. fucking sweet.

Also, right now is the RTDA. I'm going into sketch phase for the Fall cover of CIGAR PRESS magazine, and hopefully I'll be finishing up a promotion for Tatuaje Cigars in the next few weeks. More to come soon folks...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The banging of kettle drums and cracked sardonic bass...

The above is the raw art and placement for an upcoming XDS show poster. The final print will be
black, and two shades of green, hopefully on tan paper.
Below are two of the six thumbnails sent to 'PVC Street Gang', they went with the one on the right. Should have this done by the end of the week (fingers crossed)

More to come real soon folks!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


So he finally got it in the mail and loved it, here it is re-posted on his blog promoting the new collection, Marquis Inferno. Check it out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something familiar...

Got some new work in the pot:
PVC Street Gang shirt
Experimental Dental School poster
Cigar Press magazine cover
Triumph Brewery show
Dia De Los Muertos show
Dremmel Project building a monster
to be worn at social events and perjury hearings

...keep an ear to the ground folks, lots of new work to come in the next few weeks.

Found this little ditty on an unlabeled disc, this was drawn on a receipt that survived my wallet, and was colored during that embarassing phase when I was trying to adapt to coloring with Photoshop, something I still haven't figured out. It's from the Baltimore Comic Con's "Not so Dark Heart of the Forrest". Rough, ugly little doodle, but a reminder of things I won't share with you. heh heh.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009


eh, why not. Little more eye-grabbing than the original...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"all these ghosts and bodies were in no manner...

...ghosts and bodies, but pishogues..."

Realized I never posted the final version of the Guy Davis fan art. I silk-screened these, framed the first print of a 40 edition, and sent it to Guy c/o Darkhorse... still havn't heard anything. Hope he got it...
Here's a collection of recent sketches and one failed attempt at breaking into a market. Below is a sketch from last saturday at Bob and Barbs. As I was drawing it, the phrase "I love when you look at me with those wild eyes..." kept popping into my head...

The following are failed attempts at an idea for PCS book III. I wanted to do "Catfish Heimer's guide to Bartering your way around Philly"; a collection of portraits with a little blurb about their use...

Below: Something about the coven of Kensington and going to the local yaga for a hangover cure.

Below: Something about a witch doctor to stick pins and needles in an effigy of the jerkoff who broke into your car for the pennies in the ash tray. Also wanted to do a zombie safari game hunter who stands across from the Khyber and shoots the goofy hair-cuts off hipsters...

If you read my last post, here is an un-finished portion of the art-work that was going to be wrapped around the brick of my cigars. Guess I don't need to bother finishing up this one...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Every time a door closes and window blows out in a plume of fire...

...that's how it goes, right? My 'top secret' project which I had been riding high on in a vague manner was shot to shit. For those of you I did not tell about it, I was getting a cigar made by _______. The size was going to be 6.25 x 46 with a belicoso tip, the cigars, 20 in a brick, were going to be wrapped in a print of my artwork, in a black-lacquered box with a simplified part of my art burnt into the top, and the name of the size/cigar burnt into the sides, appropriately called 'the Heimer'. Because of some recent events that happened at my work place, this went from a sure thing to no longer tomorrow I'm going to post the art, which I was planning on redoing parts, along with some other sketch-book work. Stay tuned.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

"He has grown timid and strange..."

...sorry the blog has been fallow. I've been gearing up to move a little ways down the road but close enough to smell the bars I love; things have been hectic. Here's a grab-bag of new, old, and embarrassing. Hope it all finds you well.

This was my brain-storming page for PCS book III. Surprised? Figured you wouldn't be. The story is about... eh, not going to give it away. I did this piece start to finish at Bob and Barbs and on lunch breaks at work, it just needs a dapper ink-wash and it'll be ready for the oven.

This was my first concept for the "Strange Boys" poster. Think it makes more sense than a demon-chimp firing squad, but it's nowhere near as much fun. I'm sure it'll get some new diggs and used in the future...
I did this sketch at the bar and finished it at the Baltimore comic con 2008. Sure, it's a little dated, but so am I... this ended up going to Mama Pedro for Christmas. Heh heh heh...
...This turned out like crap in a hot car. Yanni from "Hermit Thrushes" (local freak-folk-ish bad) asked me to do this a long while ago. I had like two weeks to work on this, and I loved the concept (that I came up with), but due to time constraints it went to shit. Low and behold they didn't end up sending this off to be pressed for months after my deadline... It's nice that they paid me quickly and in full, but I'd much rather have done it for free and used the time the file discs collected dust to really work this thing into a frenzy...
I got to the bar excited to do some doodlin...yeah, thats where I doodle, you got a problem with that?... and forgot both my brush pens are beat to shit and frayed. Figured I'd use them anyway and see whay effect it gave my hand after a few specials... not horrible... not good though. I slapped some color on it for a fo-finish...
...right now things are still slowly picking up after a huge road-block. Gotta finish up my 5 pages for PCS book III (keep an ear to the ground for the release, it's gonna be hotter than gods fat teat) and going to try and throw something together for the Baltimore Comic Con 2009 other than the Guy Davis pin-up that is awaiting screen-printing treatment.

Monday, May 11, 2009

No Pit is here wherein to fall:

I decided this was as far as I could take this poster with three colors... and I've already spent way too much time on this one. Sadly, it won't be printed on creme paper, just white, but the above is to an extent how I wanted it to look. Registration is going to be a bit printing this thing.

Next up is finishing the Guy Davis piece, printing it, framing it, and sending it to him on the back of a winged monkey. fingers crossed.

Also. the long awaited, much anticipated, PCS book III juggernaut has been oiled and re-tooled and is back on the road to conquering the old cities of Prussia and bring the ancient gods to their knees. Once again, I am re-doing my 5 pager. I get a few hours in a scrap the projects, hopefully this one will have a longer shelf-life.

Drink up folks, this is going to be a rough month. And better under the table then under the ground.

(Catfish Heimer and Hobo Foot circa 1928)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

captain bittermins frost bitten fingers

This is a work in progress, another poster for parade of flesh. I've never spent near this much time on a poster, hopefully it'll turn out ok...

Monday, April 20, 2009


...finally after years of hiatus Guy Davis is going to finish the Marquis story line with a third and final book. I've never followed too many comics, but his work in the first two books is the love-child of Gustav Dore and Edward Gorey. To cut down on my anticipation I thought I'd do some fan art, silk-screen it, and maybe send it to him... here are two details from the roughs I worked up today.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life is good at the bottom of a rope:

Hey folks,

Below is my poster for Parade of Flesh's next 'True Widow' show. This poster started as a gorilla picking worms out of a zombie and sticking them into canopic jars, then a gorilla butcher, then a pig with human arms and legs with the torso missing and the bones spelling the band names, then I got lazy and thus below:
...printing it this week (hopefully). Next up is a poster for a 'Strange Boys' show. Also, my friend Luis Falto at La Garita Cigar Company contacted me to do art for his new cigar lounge/aging room in Puerto Rico, and the logo for Tabacalera Falto. Should be fun. More to come... devil willing and the creek don't rise.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey folks. James and I finished our collaboration for the Man Man poster, commissioned by Parade of Flesh. Check it below.

Also, this friday is the Autumn Society's first show. Everybody did a rendition of the joker, or rather a few people did a rendition of the Joker, and a shit-ton of people did a rendition of Heath Ledger doing a rendition of the Joker. So much for concept and originality. I'll post mine after the show is hung. It's at Brave New World comic shop this friday, see details on poster below:

After these two projects I'm working on a new mailer, updating the site, re-doing my 5 pager for PCS, a pin-up poster I'm sending to Guy Davis, and some other odds and ends. More soon...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hey all, apparently my poster won some sort of music blog award.

Next on the slate for Parade of Flesh is going to be a collaboration of my brother and I for a 'Man Man' show. More to come.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sun's over the yard-arm and I'm not drunk; either there's work to be done or I'm not on a boat. Kinda wish I wash though. Concetta Barbera sent me the last of the photos from silk-screening, and I think these last two are the best of the whole lot. Note to self: next time print on black paper with white ink.

Below are two old/new pieces from the young/old Sam Heimer. I'm too cheap to invest in a decent brush pen, so I got two of the new Micron brush pens. They worked beyond my expectations, aside from the fact that by the time I was done these two doodles the points were frayed to a point where using them for line-work was out of the question.

(click image to enlarge for texture)


alle Kunstarbeit für das streng geheim Projekt ist fertig.
jetzt gerade Warteproben von Nicaragua.
Wartezeit für weitere Details.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The final step: screen-printing. Above are the separations for each color that were printed on acetate and then burnt into emulsion on a screen. Concetta Barbera was kind enough to photograph the printing, so rather then explain the process (which is not the point of this), I'll let her photos guide you through...

All in all they turned out pretty good. Screen-printing is truly a labor of love; its a big hullabaloo if you don't have the tools directly at your disposal, but the end result trumps digital prints any day. Below is the digital mock-up; the prints came pretty damn close. Thanks to my brother, and Timmy for help printing, and Concetta helping out with the photography.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


After years of avoiding the computer, with much coercion from professors and voodoo priests I formed a way to make my images by hand and use the computer in the end to get a result I was both comfortable and happy with; Line work followed by one or several ink washes and texture layers on semi-transparent layout paper, and lastly, put together on the computer. This gives me much more control over each aspect of my image, and to a sense replicates the form and file of Photoshop whereas each separate layer can be manipulated within the larger image. Original method? Far-from it. But it works for me. (see below for line work)

The funnest part of the line-work is by far the meticulous texture in the hand and face. After a few straight hours of being inches from the bristol your eyes start to cross and you can no longer focus on the hatching, your hand knows what to do and continues, but you are off somewhere else; a bomb could go off and you'd be none the wiser.
The ink washes I used in this piece are not par for my course. Gray-scale is tricky when screen-printing, and unpredictable. Normally I do several washes for tone, dark and light shadows, highlights, and separate washes for fine features; in this case I did one wash that will be turned to half-tone. Half-tone looks badass silk-screened. Really. You'll have to wait for step three to see it though...

Hand lettering typography has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Guilty because it often looks like shit, but in this case I think it works. The standard is do multiple versions of each word till it clicks... I did one. And for some reason when it's white punched out of black there seems to be a larger excusable margin of error. (see type layers below)

Again, the type needed to be tied into the concept, and not obviously an afterthought. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I nailed it. From here I scan in each layer, adjust layers to get the line-work and shadows right, piece together the ink-washes, and get the type ready. This method of layers minimizes the use of the computer quite a bit and you don't have to use the infernal pen tool to get juxtaposition right. The next step is making the layers into silk-screen ready separations and then on to the printing. Check back soon for the finale...