Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Figured I'd hop on the ol' ban wagon and start posting my process step by step. I was asked by 'parade of flesh' show booking to do a poster for Woven Hand at Club DaDa out in Texas. Show posters are 2/3's the perfect job: Little if any art direction, free advertising, other people hang your work all over the place, and music stuff is always fun. The only down side is it pays peanuts. In this case, there was no art direction. The bands name being what it is, I took the low road and did the most obvious thing that came to mind. (see below for first sketch)
When you don't have sketches, thumbnails, or color comps due you have to be your own art director, and if you're not a dick-head art director you're going to end up with a lack luster piece. Why the cow skull? Well...I like drawing them. Does it add anything to the concept? Nope. Problematic? I hate you. Fix it. Pretty picture, flawed concept. Bring it full circle baby. (see second sketch below)

At this point I was a little happier with the concept. I was even happier because I did this sketch in its entirety between four specials sitting at Bob and Barbra's. And I was exuberant because the people sitting around me actually knew who Woven Hand was. Rock. (see below for type resolution)
At this point I go to the Ink and Brush. Next step: Separations... alot of em. After that: Screen Printing. Check back in a day or two folks...

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