Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey folks. James and I finished our collaboration for the Man Man poster, commissioned by Parade of Flesh. Check it below.

Also, this friday is the Autumn Society's first show. Everybody did a rendition of the joker, or rather a few people did a rendition of the Joker, and a shit-ton of people did a rendition of Heath Ledger doing a rendition of the Joker. So much for concept and originality. I'll post mine after the show is hung. It's at Brave New World comic shop this friday, see details on poster below:

After these two projects I'm working on a new mailer, updating the site, re-doing my 5 pager for PCS, a pin-up poster I'm sending to Guy Davis, and some other odds and ends. More soon...

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Chogrin said...

Can't wait to see the Guy Davis pin up!