Monday, April 20, 2009


...finally after years of hiatus Guy Davis is going to finish the Marquis story line with a third and final book. I've never followed too many comics, but his work in the first two books is the love-child of Gustav Dore and Edward Gorey. To cut down on my anticipation I thought I'd do some fan art, silk-screen it, and maybe send it to him... here are two details from the roughs I worked up today.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life is good at the bottom of a rope:

Hey folks,

Below is my poster for Parade of Flesh's next 'True Widow' show. This poster started as a gorilla picking worms out of a zombie and sticking them into canopic jars, then a gorilla butcher, then a pig with human arms and legs with the torso missing and the bones spelling the band names, then I got lazy and thus below:
...printing it this week (hopefully). Next up is a poster for a 'Strange Boys' show. Also, my friend Luis Falto at La Garita Cigar Company contacted me to do art for his new cigar lounge/aging room in Puerto Rico, and the logo for Tabacalera Falto. Should be fun. More to come... devil willing and the creek don't rise.