Monday, May 11, 2009

No Pit is here wherein to fall:

I decided this was as far as I could take this poster with three colors... and I've already spent way too much time on this one. Sadly, it won't be printed on creme paper, just white, but the above is to an extent how I wanted it to look. Registration is going to be a bit printing this thing.

Next up is finishing the Guy Davis piece, printing it, framing it, and sending it to him on the back of a winged monkey. fingers crossed.

Also. the long awaited, much anticipated, PCS book III juggernaut has been oiled and re-tooled and is back on the road to conquering the old cities of Prussia and bring the ancient gods to their knees. Once again, I am re-doing my 5 pager. I get a few hours in a scrap the projects, hopefully this one will have a longer shelf-life.

Drink up folks, this is going to be a rough month. And better under the table then under the ground.

(Catfish Heimer and Hobo Foot circa 1928)

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Chogrin said...

This final version of the poster rules and cheers to PCS # 3!