Monday, June 22, 2009

Every time a door closes and window blows out in a plume of fire...

...that's how it goes, right? My 'top secret' project which I had been riding high on in a vague manner was shot to shit. For those of you I did not tell about it, I was getting a cigar made by _______. The size was going to be 6.25 x 46 with a belicoso tip, the cigars, 20 in a brick, were going to be wrapped in a print of my artwork, in a black-lacquered box with a simplified part of my art burnt into the top, and the name of the size/cigar burnt into the sides, appropriately called 'the Heimer'. Because of some recent events that happened at my work place, this went from a sure thing to no longer tomorrow I'm going to post the art, which I was planning on redoing parts, along with some other sketch-book work. Stay tuned.


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Herman Bloodsmith said...

I am sorry that it didn't not happen. I assume it was of no fault of yours. Burn the fucking place down and piss on the ashes or just think bad thoughts about it to avoid felony charges. I say keep your head from falling too far and don't throw away the idea of a cigar because your idea is sick and deserves to be made.