Sunday, July 19, 2009


So he finally got it in the mail and loved it, here it is re-posted on his blog promoting the new collection, Marquis Inferno. Check it out.

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pw! said...

i have a very out of date computer/operating system/browser, and Guy Davis' blog has a kind of comment set up that does not allow me to post or comment (that choose an account bull$#--).

so i just wanted to come by here and tell you what a fan i am of your work, but what GIANT strides forward you have made in the last year. i know that both you and i would both contest this together, but i look at your Marquis (and i can not imagine how lovely it must be to hold a hand screened version of it in my hands, or the joy of Guy "nicest guy on the planet" Davis as he opened your envelope) and in some ways i feel it rivals Davis. i think you're doing some super interesting things all around. keep up all the great work buddy