Friday, February 5, 2010

Nobody ever brings anything small into a bar... I've had a lot going on lately. The editor of the magazine for the LA THC Expo saw my work in Cigar Press and commissioned me to do four pages of vampires smoking weed... really... I'm not kidding... Dracula with a spliff.

Above is a doodle I've been wanting to start the finish on for a while, I'll probably get around to it after the aforementioned project is done. I still want to do a 'maritime' themed show with my chums Eamon and Anthony.

Below is a show poster... nothing like starting off the year with the same crap I've been drawing for the last few years...conceptually dead...but fuck it. Next show poster is for 'the Coat Hangers' so maybe I'll be able to hash out something a little more worthy of being silk-screened.

more soon. I promise.