Sunday, July 11, 2010

bourbon flavored tears...

Sorry it's been so long folks. Above is the ink-work for my "All Hands on Deck" show piece. Sadly, due to a last minute detour to New Hampshire to see a Portuguese speaking catfish named Earl, I was not able to finish this piece how I wanted. Instead of ink-wash gray-scale and digital color with a full-view frame, I had to do ink on ink and use a frame with an odd mat. Sorry Anthony. The following photos are courtesy of the lovely Kacy Jones.

If I haven't mentioned it in a prior drunken ramble, I'm curating the first ever collaborative show, joining the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and the Autumn Society in an unholy union in celebration of the baying of dogs and the spilling of blood... also known as Halloween! Between the two groups we have 32 artists participating, and I'm not one to speculate, but this show is going to be killer.

First Friday, October 1st
Proximity Gallery
2434 East Dauphin