Saturday, November 27, 2010

GIVE ART FOR CHRISTMAS... my art that is...

Hey folks, hope you're all well. So here's the skinny; I want to have a new mailer ready and funded by the new year and to do it I'm putting together grab-bags of (3) randomly picked screen-prints, and (1) original inked doodle at the low low, ready to move, quality goes in before the paint goes on, shipping included, price of $35. Check it out here! Much thanks to anybody who picks up one of these, it'll greatly help me further my illustration career.

Also, working on a collaborative show with James that's turning out pretty badass. More work up soon!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Works in progress, studys, and doodles OH MY!

Hope you're all well. The following is a collection of works in progress, doodles and sketches, and a study.

Above is an early detail from a Giggle Party poster. Much thanks for these guys searching me out because of my work for Parade of Flesh; so far they've been a blast to do work for. If you can't tell; it's Lincoln with balloons and confetti exploding out the back of his head, the biggest balloon bears the bands name. I still need to work in more type, a blue layer, and some zip-tone. It's been fun to work on thus far and I really miss doing posters... just not printing them.

Above is a doodle I decided to ink and color. It's a shirt idea for the Philadelphia Chapter of the Autumn Society. Right now a few shirt designs are being worked up as a small fundraiser to get the group one step closer to being a 501(3)(c).
Above is an ink-study of the great Cthulhu. I've been a die-hard member of The Esoteric Order of Dagon for years now and for some reason this is the first time I've drawn the lord of the old ones. I did an ink-wash and then inked some areas. PLEASE NOTE the layout comp I used warped considerably so the scan is god-awful. This was done as an ink-wash demo for the Pennfield Art & Design Club im running.

Above are a few ink doodles I've done over the past few weeks on my lunch breaks at my new job. Nothing to write home about, but I think they're kinda fun. The first is simply me drawing my extreme anxiety over when my next cigarette will be. The following is a play on a past master, a love note, and my favorite holiday. The last is wishing I went to Denmark with my Grandmother.

More coming in the near and dear future. I'm about to start two collaborative peices with James for a show at Masthead. I also have some projects I'm keeping close to the vest in case they crash and sink into the oily deep. Cheers folks!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


First and foremost, I hope you all had a happy Halloween and your meditations and visiting with passed loved ones on Dia De Los Muertos was cathartic and joyful. Last night was the opening of the Worlds Fair exhibition curated by Patch and Concetta, whom I'd like to thank for inviting me to be a part of the show. Below are two of the ink drawings I contributed to the show. They were printed and toned with coffee and habanero ink. The show was amazing; the artwork was of the highest pedigree of imagination and the flow and arrangement of the work was art in itself. Also, Shadow Space gallery is an amazing venue and I hope to show there again in the near and horrible future.

Also, a chance self-googling and the following correspondence with the multi-talented Kenny Harris has yielded me a new web-site in trade for some art!
Also, I've begun some new projects with the Autumn Society that may make for some really cool shows and opportunities for local illustrators... but may yield a headache and a warm hand full of wasted time/thanks for giving it another shot. Time reveals all.
Also, it seems there is strange weather blowing new and odd wind into the PCS sails and I sincerely hope adventure is on the horizon.
Also, I'm about to get back to work doing a rendition of the great and all mighty Cthulhu... my first, which is odd because I'm a huge lovecraft fan.
Also, my personal art gallery has gained: two more Jeffro Kilpatricks, and a Melissa Lomax.
Also, working on some posters for Giggle Party that are turing out to be pretty fun!

More soon folks. I promise. For all that's worth.