Saturday, November 6, 2010


First and foremost, I hope you all had a happy Halloween and your meditations and visiting with passed loved ones on Dia De Los Muertos was cathartic and joyful. Last night was the opening of the Worlds Fair exhibition curated by Patch and Concetta, whom I'd like to thank for inviting me to be a part of the show. Below are two of the ink drawings I contributed to the show. They were printed and toned with coffee and habanero ink. The show was amazing; the artwork was of the highest pedigree of imagination and the flow and arrangement of the work was art in itself. Also, Shadow Space gallery is an amazing venue and I hope to show there again in the near and horrible future.

Also, a chance self-googling and the following correspondence with the multi-talented Kenny Harris has yielded me a new web-site in trade for some art!
Also, I've begun some new projects with the Autumn Society that may make for some really cool shows and opportunities for local illustrators... but may yield a headache and a warm hand full of wasted time/thanks for giving it another shot. Time reveals all.
Also, it seems there is strange weather blowing new and odd wind into the PCS sails and I sincerely hope adventure is on the horizon.
Also, I'm about to get back to work doing a rendition of the great and all mighty Cthulhu... my first, which is odd because I'm a huge lovecraft fan.
Also, my personal art gallery has gained: two more Jeffro Kilpatricks, and a Melissa Lomax.
Also, working on some posters for Giggle Party that are turing out to be pretty fun!

More soon folks. I promise. For all that's worth.

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Melissa said...

Great post Sam. I was 'swept away' the minute I walked into the World's Fair Art Show... I think that the magical-music-mix by Jeffro Kilpatrick, also helped the mood! Your WF pieces are amazing. Actually, I found out that one of the nurses that helped Patch through his radiation treatments, loved and bought one of your pieces! Thanks to you and Kacy for purchasing my artwork, meant a lot to me. Overall, the evening was astounding, I was smiling all night.