Saturday, November 13, 2010

Works in progress, studys, and doodles OH MY!

Hope you're all well. The following is a collection of works in progress, doodles and sketches, and a study.

Above is an early detail from a Giggle Party poster. Much thanks for these guys searching me out because of my work for Parade of Flesh; so far they've been a blast to do work for. If you can't tell; it's Lincoln with balloons and confetti exploding out the back of his head, the biggest balloon bears the bands name. I still need to work in more type, a blue layer, and some zip-tone. It's been fun to work on thus far and I really miss doing posters... just not printing them.

Above is a doodle I decided to ink and color. It's a shirt idea for the Philadelphia Chapter of the Autumn Society. Right now a few shirt designs are being worked up as a small fundraiser to get the group one step closer to being a 501(3)(c).
Above is an ink-study of the great Cthulhu. I've been a die-hard member of The Esoteric Order of Dagon for years now and for some reason this is the first time I've drawn the lord of the old ones. I did an ink-wash and then inked some areas. PLEASE NOTE the layout comp I used warped considerably so the scan is god-awful. This was done as an ink-wash demo for the Pennfield Art & Design Club im running.

Above are a few ink doodles I've done over the past few weeks on my lunch breaks at my new job. Nothing to write home about, but I think they're kinda fun. The first is simply me drawing my extreme anxiety over when my next cigarette will be. The following is a play on a past master, a love note, and my favorite holiday. The last is wishing I went to Denmark with my Grandmother.

More coming in the near and dear future. I'm about to start two collaborative peices with James for a show at Masthead. I also have some projects I'm keeping close to the vest in case they crash and sink into the oily deep. Cheers folks!


Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen said...

Gosh, your style rocks. I adore the creepiness and the thin but rough lines. I especially like the "We leave together"-piece(probably because there's an owl in it).

catfish heimer said...

stop, you're making me blush! Then you should see the Owls playing scrabble piece I did.

Christine Larsen said...

Amazing inks dude, and I love the t-shirt design. The black and white stuff is just great (and the Chthulu is badass!). Love how you ink that water :)