Sunday, December 5, 2010


The following is a hodge-podge of ink doodles that may be used for a top-secret project. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing them. The first is directly linked to my belief that James John Audubon absorbed the souls of each bird he euthanized to document and draw for 'Birds of North America' causing him to be reanimated sometime in the late 70's at which point he started to send me... yes me...messages in the queer formations of flocks of society finches and the well placed cry of killdeer and whipporwill.

The following was an idea for an image to be framed by an Angler Fish drawn by my brother for the 'Public School' exhibition at Masthead.

The following was sheer pointless doodle.

The following is a storm feeder worm that lives in the south pacific and often wars with the shore birds that control hurricanes.

The following is my contribution for the second piece my brother and I had in the 'Public School' show at Mast head.

More soon folks, I promise. 2011 is looking to be an art filled year and you will all have front-row seats to the madness.

Also, If you're in need of some quick christmas present ideas GO HERE. Real men give art for the holidays.

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Strange Kid said...

That spinal cord jellyfish is one of the most kick-ass ideas/concepts I've ever seen! Very lovecraftian. :)