Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BIG NEWS comes in strange packages...

I hope you're all doing well and everybody's healthy going into the Holiday season. I know it's been a while, but I assure you I've been extremely busy sowing together random animal limbs and chanting out of skin-bound tomes, all in preparation, solely for your delight. The above is a work in progress, proof that the pen has not left my hand.
More importantly, It's with great pleasure that I whisper in your ear that after several dozen back-alley meetings, a whole lot of beer, and a well-prepared proposal, some friends and I have been granted our own gallery space. Thanks to the Arts on South program, our gallery PHANTOM HAND (logo by James Heimer) will be kicking off a four exhibition run hosting the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society's Out to Dry 3 this December 23rd at 6:00 PM. If you're not familiar with these extremely fun and affordable shows, they're collections of sketchbook pages, limited edition prints, and framed work. We felt this should would act as a great introduction to the artists showing at PHANTOM HAND. The gallery is at 604 South Street, so you can pay us a visit, and in the same foul swoop pick up some comics, grab a dog or two at Hot Diggity, and slam a few pounders at Tattooed Moms. Now I know what you're thinking... "an opening on December 23rd? That's Christmas eve EVE." Well howdya like that, it IS. And because this show is CASH and CARRY, you can get artwork for all the friends and family you forgot to get gifts for... or maybe you already got gifts for, but now you feel an original Jefffro Kilpatrick would make a nicer gift than monogramed wine glasses, or that a silk-screened poster by James Heimer kicks the shit out of a snuggie any day of the week. So if you're not headed off to the North Pole, stop by the opening, check out some great art, have a beer or two, and maybe get yourself some new purty pictures for your bare, depressing walls. And bring some friends while you're at it; the place is pretty big and we need lots of bodies to heat it.

PHANTOM HAND Presents: The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society's Out to Dry 3
Opening reception December 23rd, 6:00 PM
604 South Street

If you don't hear from me again prior, happy holidays folks.
<3 Catfish Heimer

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Over the Years

Halloween has always been a muse of mine. While cemented by date, the holiday, almost like the avatar of some dead god, has shadowed high-points and low-points of my life, and has been especially important to me, for reasons beyond nostalgia and love of autumn, since I can remember. Halloween to me is pure America in that it's a melting-pot. Borrowing lore and customs from several dozen nations, and while less obvious than a carved turnip or a stack of cabbage stalks piled on the hearth; Halloween unites the world with something old, vital, and highly taken for granted; the harvest. Every aspect of the holiday, in some way or another, is rooted in the fact that every civilization, since agrarian activities began, have made note of the end of the growing season, stockpiling of grain, coming of winter, and the fact their lively-hood was largely decided by the harvest. Some held feasts and festivals, others prayed for safe deliverance to the thaw, and still others consulted passed loved ones; the whole world simultaneously stops and in some grand spectacle or brief thought, acknowledges how frail life is and how lucky they are to be on this side of the dirt beneath them.

I love every kernel of candy corn and piece of skeleton paper ephemera. Even the heavy commercial aspect and fact that everybody is slowly forgetting the true nature of the holiday holds a place in my heart, and makes it all the more special when I see children excitedly going door to door, too young to understand the role-reversal they participate in dressed as devils and witches. Nothing compels me more to put ink on paper than Halloween, and year after year, I find myself creating art in homage. I figured this year, since I'll probably be celebrating on the quiet side with a stiff drink and cigar, I'd post a sort of retrospective of my Halloween inspired art. The work spans the last eight years, so you can kinda see a progression in my hand. Hope you enjoy, and happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blow wind blow...

Hey folks. Hope you're all enjoying the world decomposing around you. I sure as fuck am. Not a whole lot to report today; hope you enjoy it none the less. Below started as an idea for a Halloween card; there was originally a skull fella waving to the Great Punkin Worm in the bottom right corner, with type centered in the top reading 'Don't worry, I will come find you underground just to say Happy Halloween'. This probably won't get finished to be printed in time for the holidays.
The following are two busted brush-pen doodles. I really need to go art-supply shopping... or just give-up on disposable brush-pens and pick back up the crowquill and ink-pot.

Also of interest, is doing a write-up on Dead and Dreaming. It might be up monday; I'll be sure to post the linkage here. Thanks to all the artists and folks who attended the opening. If you missed it, you can see/buy art HERE or get a copy of the collected book HERE.

More soon folks. I promise...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sketch Book Shenanigans and then some!

Hey folks,
Thanks for stopping by to chew the fat. I've got a lot to report, so quick mix a fresh highball and empty the ashtray, don't worry, I'll wait...
A lot of changes in my life lately, and finally Fall is blowing the stank of summer off my scorched bones with a crisp breeze howling and whistling through the rocks that make up my slump of a burial mound. With the aforementioned changes came a nice chunk of sketchbook time, and some other long-term projects finally have a dim pulse again. Also, this Friday is the opening of Dead and Dreaming, so all kinds of happenings lately. Please share in the unholy matrimony of ink and paper below...
The above is the combination of boredom, some favorite themes, and a half-baked idea for a submission to an upcoming show at Jinxed Gallery. The clearing in the clouds was left blank because I don't want to spoil the punch-line, and I'll more than likely re-draw the whole thing, but the space is going to be filled with a black and white photo (as seen below, but it's just a random image). I did up a little color comp, and as you can probably assume; I don't use color often for a reason.
Next up is two images born of stock-photo browsing. A lot of devil lately. I don't know why... He can cut a rug and would probably be fun to drink with.

The top image was a set of jazz-age cocktail party photos. I stowed them away for later use. Below; a vintage Halloween noise-maker (which I found an identical one selling on ebay for $100).
The above I'm not sure I can explain. I'm pretty sure a song-birds' death rattle is a few bars of an Otis Redding song. I'm a long time James John Audubon fan, and I think there's something bizarre and esoteric about birds, almost to a point of paranoia when I see a heron sailing above seemingly without moving.While typing this I just saw a car commercial with Jennifer Lopez and can't help wondering what her death rattle would be if I stomped her face in with a cast-iron skillet taped to my boot. Makeup stains leather... don't want to mess up my kicks.
Again, stock photos and too much time. Wolf, octopus, flaming heart. Feel free to make-up your own back-story. If it's good maybe we'll do a little book that nobody will read.
Above; signs of life that The Decoy and the Detective with a Melted Face is still roaming around in the back of my heard mumbling Bogart quotes and filling my head with smoke and witty shamus banter. The specific imagery is not from the story; just doodling.

So this Friday the 30th, 6-10PM, at Paradigm Gallery (2020 South Street) is the long-awaited opening of Dead and Dreaming, an exhibition of art inspired by H.P.Lovecraft. Curating this show was a labor of love; it involves both my favorite author and all of my favorite Philadelphia artists and then some. Every time I curate a show, I end up wanting to buy every piece off the wall, so to remedy this: Dead and Dreaming is the first Autumn Society show to have a companion art-book. Laying out the book was a bit of a bitch, as was dealing with Lulu, but the end result is a sweet fucking tome of awesome, available HERE. See the full press release for the show HERE and RSVP on the facebook event page HERE.
And there are still Lovecraft shirts available (I'm not sure what sizes...I think all except medium), buying one helps offset some of the costs for this show/book so take a gander HERE.
Thanks for stopping in and perusing my scribbles. I've got a lot of things in the works so blog-updates will be a little more frequent now. Check back soon folks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dead and Dreaming book NOW AVAILABLE!

After much ado, layout, and waiting for a proof, I present to you the printed rendition of 'Dead and Dreaming'. The book turned out fan-fucking-tastic (aside from my own piece, that printed dark, and the levels are off, and it looks like shit). I always felt like Lovecraft's voluminous correspondence and handwritten manuscripts were art worth framing, so I thought it would be appropriate to pair each finished piece with a piece of preliminary art, which turned out swimmingly, and really takes the work to another level. You can see a short preview and pick-up a copy of the book HERE.

More soon folks. Been doing a lot of sketching and plotting.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dead and Dreaming poster

Hey folks,
Hope you're all well. Above is the promo poster for 'Dead and Dreaming' (I picked the pieces and letters at random, hope nobody's offended I couldn't fit each artist in). To see the press-release, check out the last post.
Also, I've been invited to a Halloween show, and I have a load of sketchbook stuff to scan and share, so plenty of new stuff soon folks. Fall is turning out to be a pretty good 'art month'. Check back soon!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DEAD and DREAMING and other good news!

Hope you're all well. It's with all the pomp of a New Orleans funeral that I announce to you the Dead and Dreaming exhibition at Paradigm gallery, opening September 30th. Curating this exhibition was a dream come true; getting to hand-pick all of my favorite local artists to create renderings based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft was at the top of my bucket list. All of the work has been collected in a tome by the same name, and having seen all the work while laying out the companion book, the scope and range of style and tone of this collection of work is truly horror inspiring and has all the flourish and weird light of Lovecraft's own bizarre script.

When sending out the invites for this show, I had my fingers crossed that nobody would pick The Call of Cthulhu, not because I wanted to illustrate the story, but because part of me wanted people to focus on the less iconic, less well known in Lovecraft's writing. I wanted to see all the madness I had read about but had yet to see be illustrated. I made the mistake of not reserving a story for myself, not that I would have been able to decide on just one, and when all the RSVP's came back, I was left with Rats in the Walls, From Beyond, The Lurking Fear, and... The Call of Cthulhu. I started multiple sketches, and even finishes for each story, but when it came to brass tax, I was going to be the asshole to render Cthulhu. Lovecraft's descriptions of the monster are pretty thorough, and over the years folk like Frazetta have giving the beast an image, a look that has rarely been strayed from. I've always been a fan of accuracy from source-material, but this time around, to not be a rehasher of icons, I had to put from my head the writing, and all the art I had seen. In a perfect world, I would have started my finish ten years ago, to give it the detail deserved, and draw each fold of skin and wave in my own blood, but this was not the case. I'm not happy with the final, but deadlines are made to be followed...after breaking them five or six times. Hope you like it. I really do.

When asked to curate this show, I knew it would be one of those "holy shit, I gotta mortgage my house because I want to buy every piece off the wall" sort of shows, so this would be the perfect exhibition to collect in a book. These will be available at the gallery, and online. For the cover, I wanted to showcase each artist, so I tried to pick details that would force people to pick up the book in anticipation of what lays lurking around each detail.

For Immediate Release:

When considering an artist’s body of work, one often looks for the late greats, the other artists whom have had an impact on said body of work. But one rarely ponders the prose or writing that may have had an impact on said artist.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937), American author of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, has had an immense impact on the artistically inclined since he put pen to paper. It is obvious why artists who dabble in dark and macabre imagery have been touched by Lovecraft’s brand of New England terror for decades. Often thought of as verbose, Lovecraft’s long, in depth descriptions of architecture, landscapes, horrible flora and debased fauna verbally paint a picture almost as vivid as an artists rendering. These detailed descriptions in Lovecraft’s work truly make the reader see each tentacle, tooth, wing, and membranous head that stalks his writing.

And like the dreams dictating the artist’s hand creating a bas-relief of clay in the Call of Cthulhu, or the humanesque daemon photo-reference in Pickman’s model, one almost feels possessed, a strong urge to dip a pen in ink and illustrate the evil that is so thoroughly described in each story. And that is what artists have been doing since the publishing of Lovecraft’s work. In re-printed volumes, personal sketch books, mythos inspired film, games, and writing, Lovecraft’s work takes on almost a second life, a horrible re-birth by the hands of hundreds of artists worldwide, carrying on Lovecraft’s legacy, weather for print or pure pleasure, they keep the green, noxious flame burning in some burrow, tomb, or cyclopean vista just beyond the wall of sleep. This coming autumn, 20 artists depicting the stories and characters of H.P. Lovecraft will stoke that flame at Paradigm Gallery in the exhibit ‘Dead and Dreaming’. The artwork from this show will be collected in a volume also titled ‘Dead and Dreaming’, available at the gallery and online.

H.P.Lovecraft-Jay Bevenour
Wilbur Whateley-Michael Bukowski
The Horror at Red Hook-Eamon Dougherty
The Tomb-Tim Durning
The Thing on the Doorstep-Alex Eckman-Lawn
Pickman’s Model-Jen Gin
He-Justin Gray
Celephais-Kirsten Harper
Shadow Over Innsmouth-Rachel Harper Joseph
The Call of Cthulhu-Sam Heimer
The Temple-Jeffro Kilpatrick
Dagon-Christine Larsen
Shadow Over Innsmouth-German Orozco
Herbert West - Reanimator-Paul Palcko
At the Mountains of Madness-Christian Patchell
Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family-Anthony Pedro
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward-Rog Petersen
The Moon Bog-Joseph Querio
The White Ship-Paul Romano
The Picture in the House-Mike Wohlberg

Dead and Dreaming
Paradigm Gallery
2020 South Street, Philadelphia PA
Opening Reception: September 30th 6-10 PM

And last, but surely not least, over the summer a few friends and I had a few think-tank sessions and applied to the Arts on South Program; and after waiting with fingers crossed, we've been granted a space. Arts on South is a program run by Magic Gardens and Triad Real-estate, that grants RENT-FREE gallery spaces to artists and collectives. We put together a rock-solid pitch of 4 exhibitions, demonstrations, and extra programing, and come this December to April, we will have a gallery at 6th and South, in a big store-front, aptly titled Almost Anonymous. We're going to need a lot of art to fill those walls, so keep an ear to the ground folks.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letters and Posters.

Hey folks, hope you're all well. The coming month is going to be a killer, filled with artsy morsels and mystic wine a.k.a. I'm gonna get fat and soused before the return of my favorite season, Fall. This August is the digital deadline for the up and coming Lovecraft art exhibition 'Dead and Dreaming', I'll be at the Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con with some fine PCS folks haucking shirts, prints, and other sundries, and I'm participating in 'Drawn to Letters', opening this coming first Friday at Brave New Worlds. Busy Month.

Below is a detail from a failed rush-job show poster. Giggle Party contacted me to do a poster for an August 6th show out San Fran way. These guys have been a fun client all along. Sadly, after some crossed communications, this image is going orphan. I got carried away on this one, but I still love the image, and it's been a while since I paid homage to Possada. Under that is the image sans type. I might work back into this one. Some elements don't work in my head, and it needs a background or something. Maybe I'll sling this up on a t-shirt.

Below is a color version of my entry into PCS's 'Drawn to Letters' art exhibition. Another great show put together by Patch and Concetta, this one focuses on the alphabet. I was given 'N'. I decided to delve into my childhood; I have a journal I kept in first grade, and each day the teacher gave us a starter sentence. The one days' starter sentence was 'I feel my best when...', bad grammar aside, I wrote Halloween, and drew myself as Frankenstein's Monster. Figured I'd revisit that feeling. It's going to be a great show! (See press release below)

Drawn to Letters”
An art show that features both the characters of the Alphabet and the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society.
August 5th to August 31st
Opening Reception August 5th from 6pm to 9pm

The 26 characters of the English Alphabet are what we rely on to communicate in our society. Whether text message, e-mail, signage, books, or your Facebook status it boils down to knowing your P’s and Q’s. The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society is out to prove that these emblems of communication are built upon, well, character. Each member of the PCS will be interpreting one letter from the Alphabet to be on display at Brave New World Comic Shop this August. From paintings to pen and ink, cartoons to chiaroscuro, all the art will be priced to sell for those who are graphically inclined. From images to icons this exhibition will be one you won’t want to miss.

The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society is a group of cartoonists living and working in Philadelphia. Since 1997, with over 80 members on our mailing list, the PCS has been actively participating in the cartoon and comics community in Philadelphia and its surrounding area. The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society prides itself on contributing to a wide variety of local charities and causes.

Brave New Worlds Comic Shop is a comic jewel located in Olde City. With a wide selection of graphic novels and toys you can always find something unique and extraordinary on their shelves.

Drawn to Letters”
The Alphabet According the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society

August 5th to August 31st
Opening Reception August 5th 6pm to 9pm
at Brave New Worlds Comic Shop
49 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 1906

For more information on the PCS, their members and future shows look us up at

And lastly, in an attempt to raise some funds for 'Dead and Dreaming', I'm selling Lovecraft t-shirts. Check them out HERE. They're stylish, a conversation starter, and CHEAP!!!

I highly recommend coming out to the above events! Hit me up and chew the fat and maybe if you're lucky I'll buy you a beer and tell you about the ten years I spent at the bottom of the ocean building a temple to Dagon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dead and Dreaming Fundraiser T-Shirt

Hey folks, hope you're well. In an effort to raise funds to help print the upcoming 'Dead and Dreaming' art book, I'm doing up Lovecraft t-shirts with the image above. Help out the Autumn Society and a show I'm curating and snag a fancy nerdy t-shirt! You can order them HERE on my etsy store.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

This, That, and the Ugly Thing.

Hey folks, hope you're all well. These past few weeks have been odd at best. Above and below are doodles drawn at Terri's Bar down South Philly way with Steve Ferrell. Drawn in very dim light with a busted micron brush in a swarm of PBR and dirty hipsters. The term 'creep' has always been near and dear to me. I really don't know how else to explain these pieces.

In one month all the digital files are due for 'Dead and Dreaming', a Lovecraft exhibition/book I'm curating at Paradigm Gallery. As per usual, I'm running way behind and have yet to pick a story. Below are two ink warm-ups; From Beyond and Rats in the Walls were bouncing around in my head, but I probably won't do either. If you're going to be stoked for one show this year...this should be the one! A little closer to the show date I'll start leaking images and the artist roster.

Last, but surely not least: Tonight, 'Artificial Dissemination' opens at Masthead Print Studios, curated by my brother, James. Sadly I couldn't manage to get a piece in by the hanging, but it's a stellar show and if you've got nothing better to do... and I'm gonna guess you don't, go to this. Click the image to see the Facebook event page.
More soon folks. I'm not sure what, but it's a commin'.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Leave the bone in.

Hey folks. Hope you're all happy and healthy. I'm not going to put the dead-horse before the mortuary cart, but I think I'm slowly coming out of my slump. Due to a lack of paying jobs, and gallery shows too far off in the distance to start the art-panic attacks, the following are odds and ends from this and that and the lint-filled spaces in betwixt.

First up is a cover idea for my going-to-be-very-drawn-out-never-finished comic project 'The Decoy and the Detective with a Melted Face'. The always insightful and far too humble Christine Larsen gave me a pep talk of sorts at the PCS Hobo Day BBQ at Locust Moon Comics, so I picked up where I left off and did some writing and inking. It needs some more fleshing out, ink-wash, color and type... so expect to see this again in the future.

Below is a personal piece. The other night I was wandering my neighborhood half past the witching hour feeding on the dreams floating out of childrens bedroom windows, and I felt kind of out of place.
The following is a comment on my drawing-block. I hate nothing more than having a bunch of free time and not being able to put ink on paper...except Glen Beck...and American Apparel...and a ton of other things...
Below is probably the cause of my drawing block. Over the past month or so I've drawn about 50 gypsy women for a beer label and they all look like shit. I think I burnt myself out stressing over the face of an old sea-hag. This one has a Robert E. Howard twist.
That's all for now folks. Doing more carving and some other random projects, and I also have three gallery shows (and maybe more) I'm participating in in the near future. You keep coming back, and I'll keep feeding you.