Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bucket full of updates...

Hope you've all been well; the last few weeks have treated me like a scorned mexican grandmother. Ive been working on a lot of odds and ends, most coming to fruition in the next few weeks, and felt it was high time I shared them with you. First and foremost; A Nation of Evil Men. While haphazardly set up last minute, this show is already bearing the nasty, overripe fruits of the awesome tree. Below is an early detail of the first piece I did for the show, Walt Disney. This was my third try, and after James gave me some color pointers nixing my love of black and red, it's ready to be printed.

ANOEM will likely collect the art of 30+ artists, some doing more than one 8 X 10 portrait. I decided to try and pump out one to print, and a few to hang as original art. Below is Rex 'Ice-Man' Morgan, one of Al Capone's more twisted hit-men.

Below is the Promo-card for ANOEM. The front was a collaboration between James and I, the back was done by Shawn of Masthead.

Likely to be available for the first time at ANOEM is DIRT WORK, a collaboration sketch-book by James and I. Below are the covers. Screen-printed cover and title page, black and white interior, fits easily in the pocket to serve as a reminder that you could be... sorry, nothing witty comes to mind. Buy one...please. It contains some awesome doodles by James, and some doodles by me you've more than likely seen already if you read my blog.

A detail of my third piece for ANOEM, Gergori Rasputin. I'm pretty sure this show is going to have a few portraits of him; and these unplanned duplicates are the charm of this show. You'll get to see which crazy assholes artists gravitate to, either for their gruesome handiwork, or their flat out crazy eyes and facial hair... I'm not happy with this piece in the least bit, but I wanted it to be very different from the look of Walt and Rex. And lucky you, I gave up on my Mother Theresa. I was doing two versions; in the first she was licking the nails in christ's feet, the second had her with an emaciated body and huge saggy tits...fucking bitch. The tag-line on both was "To be forgiven you must suffer".

Coming up on the heels of ANOEM is The Age of Reptiles, curated by Sir Anthony Pedro of the Modavian Scrub-lands. This show is at Paradigm, 20 artists and some heavy hitters... myself excluded. Below is the first hack at this show. I'm extremely worried because the deadline is coming up fast, and the last thing I want to do it let down Ant. I love shows like this because it's a huge challenge for me to do anything I'd even consider showing my mom...

And for your viewing pleasure, a random doodle...

The below is the finished poster for Giggle Party. It might look familiar; I started this a few months ago and finally finished it. These guys are a pleasure to work for, for a multitude of reasons, and I hope they have me do up some more stuff in the future.

I apologize for being cryptic, and I've dropped less vague hints in the past, but the invites for a show/book are going out in the next week or two, I'm curating and hoping will be Epic as all get out. Here's a hint; to mark the occasion, photographer/home-brewer Ryan Studley and myself are brewing a batch of Innsmouth IPA, and time permitting, Wilbur Whatley Wheat Ale.

That's all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed the update, and hope you can all make it out to the upcoming shows.


Saturday, February 5 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Masthead Print Studio
340 Brown St.
Philadelphia, PA

Masthead, ASOP and the Philly Cartoonist Society presents an expose of the faces of evil that make history grimly entertaining. A collection of the debased, comically villainous, perverted, violent, controversial,and grotesque figures that were truly stranger than fiction. These faces and persona have been the fodder for a million books, movies, history channel specials, and bad jokes; A Nation of Evil Men will bring them all together for your viewing pleasure.

Hosted by Shawn Hileman
Curated by Sam Heimer
Participants Include:

Jeffro Kilpatrick
Paul Romano
Kirsten Harper
Sam Heimer
Justin Gray
Jay Bevenour
Christian Patchell
James Heimer
Mike Wohlberg
Jennifer Gin
Matt Cavanaugh
Tom Augustino
Amy Houser
Paul Palcko
Mark Price
Anthony Pedro
Kevin Mercer
George Tan
Eamon Dougherty
Justin Miller
JP Flexner
Christine Larsen
Tim Durning
Brian Meitz
Max Gordon
Shawn Hileman
And many, many more...

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