Thursday, January 6, 2011


The finished covers (me on bottom, James on top) for DIRT WORK, a collaborative pocket-sized ashcan filled with sketchbook pages by my brother and myself. Hopefully these will be available at...

'A Nation of Evil Men' at Masthead Print Studio, is a collaboration between the Autumn Society's Philadelphia Chapter, the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society, and friends. This show is an expose of the faces of evil that make history grimly entertaining. A collection of the debased, comically villainous, perverted, violent, controversial,and grotesque figures that were truly stranger than fiction. These faces and persona have been the fodder for a million books, movies, history channel specials, and bad jokes; A 'Nation of Evil Men' will bring them all together for your viewing pleasure.

show feb 5th
closing feb 19

James and I have been curating this show, and so far we have over 20 great artists participating, and a promo card in the works. This is turning out to be a killer show; mark your calendar!

I'm also curating a H.P. Lovecraft show this fall, and participating in 'Age of the Reptiles' curated by Sir Anthony Pedro of the Carpathian Wastelands. Lots more soon folks!

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