Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have a list of dream-shows I hope to one day curate, and number one on the list became a reality earlier this year. It is with extreme pleasure that I am announce 'Dead and Dreaming' exhibition and companion art book. 26 of my favorite artists celebrating the writing of H.P. Lovecraft.
Each artist picked a story or character to illustrate, and the artist list and their picks alone make me salivate. The book will collect the exhibition's art, as well as preliminary work from all the artists, and a foreword by a celebrity Lovecraft illustrator! I have yet to pick a story myself, but over the past few days I've been doodling and rereading Lovecraft's body of work to get the congealed juices flowing. The above is a drawing I decided to use as a sort of teaser promo. The show is sill off in the distance, but I'm far too excited about this to stay tight lipped any longer. Also of note, Bottom Feeder Brewing Company will most likely being doing one or two limited edition beers for this exhibition, featuring art from yours truly; Innsmouth IPA, and time permitting, Wilbur Whatley Wheat Ale! Below is another excited doodle, drawn while dead bored and proctoring PSSAs.
Sadly, I got too much hand-oil on the layout comp, and the ink stopped going down uniformly, so this one won't get finished.

In other news; If you haven't stumbled upon it already, I've made a blog for a side-project of mine, a comic experiment subtlety titled 'The Decoy and The Detective With a Melted Face'. Also, just to be a jerk, meetings have been held, planning is happening, it's a long shot, but...I can't tell you just yet. If we pull it off, it's gonna be freaking amazing. And lastly, a new mailer goes out today to various publishers, beer and cigar companies, and other places that probably would never hire me. Fingers crossed.

More soon folks!

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pw! said...

it's going to be another amazing Heimer Curation. can't wait to see all the work that comes from this, especially yours Sam