Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hey folks, hope all is well. I'm still lacking direction but I've been keeping busy. Nothing epic to show so far, but there's plenty in the hopper. Just a head's up:
-My official SITE is under construction. I've been trying to figure out things myself, and this web stuff is completely new to me, so bear with me. Most of the new samples in the Portfolio and Sketchbook are things you've seen here. What's on the site now is just a place-holder. I'm still trying to figure out a set-up I'm happy with.
-Some new odds and ends in the SHOP. I'm still doing the poster and sketch combo deal... and what a deal it is! 3 posters picked at random and an original sketch. So far, the sketches sent out have not been sketches, but fully inked pages from portfolio buy now! Also, I've been taking out some of my daily anger on wood. Below is a set of Nautical Book Ends I just finished. And below that, a little thank you I carved for my neighbor who's been a real help getting my machinery up to current Mac standards.

Hopefully after this relaxing weekend I'll be able to get my ass in gear and start getting back to some ink work. More soon folks... I swear.

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