Sunday, June 12, 2011

Leave the bone in.

Hey folks. Hope you're all happy and healthy. I'm not going to put the dead-horse before the mortuary cart, but I think I'm slowly coming out of my slump. Due to a lack of paying jobs, and gallery shows too far off in the distance to start the art-panic attacks, the following are odds and ends from this and that and the lint-filled spaces in betwixt.

First up is a cover idea for my going-to-be-very-drawn-out-never-finished comic project 'The Decoy and the Detective with a Melted Face'. The always insightful and far too humble Christine Larsen gave me a pep talk of sorts at the PCS Hobo Day BBQ at Locust Moon Comics, so I picked up where I left off and did some writing and inking. It needs some more fleshing out, ink-wash, color and type... so expect to see this again in the future.

Below is a personal piece. The other night I was wandering my neighborhood half past the witching hour feeding on the dreams floating out of childrens bedroom windows, and I felt kind of out of place.
The following is a comment on my drawing-block. I hate nothing more than having a bunch of free time and not being able to put ink on paper...except Glen Beck...and American Apparel...and a ton of other things...
Below is probably the cause of my drawing block. Over the past month or so I've drawn about 50 gypsy women for a beer label and they all look like shit. I think I burnt myself out stressing over the face of an old sea-hag. This one has a Robert E. Howard twist.
That's all for now folks. Doing more carving and some other random projects, and I also have three gallery shows (and maybe more) I'm participating in in the near future. You keep coming back, and I'll keep feeding you.