Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letters and Posters.

Hey folks, hope you're all well. The coming month is going to be a killer, filled with artsy morsels and mystic wine a.k.a. I'm gonna get fat and soused before the return of my favorite season, Fall. This August is the digital deadline for the up and coming Lovecraft art exhibition 'Dead and Dreaming', I'll be at the Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con with some fine PCS folks haucking shirts, prints, and other sundries, and I'm participating in 'Drawn to Letters', opening this coming first Friday at Brave New Worlds. Busy Month.

Below is a detail from a failed rush-job show poster. Giggle Party contacted me to do a poster for an August 6th show out San Fran way. These guys have been a fun client all along. Sadly, after some crossed communications, this image is going orphan. I got carried away on this one, but I still love the image, and it's been a while since I paid homage to Possada. Under that is the image sans type. I might work back into this one. Some elements don't work in my head, and it needs a background or something. Maybe I'll sling this up on a t-shirt.

Below is a color version of my entry into PCS's 'Drawn to Letters' art exhibition. Another great show put together by Patch and Concetta, this one focuses on the alphabet. I was given 'N'. I decided to delve into my childhood; I have a journal I kept in first grade, and each day the teacher gave us a starter sentence. The one days' starter sentence was 'I feel my best when...', bad grammar aside, I wrote Halloween, and drew myself as Frankenstein's Monster. Figured I'd revisit that feeling. It's going to be a great show! (See press release below)

Drawn to Letters”
An art show that features both the characters of the Alphabet and the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society.
August 5th to August 31st
Opening Reception August 5th from 6pm to 9pm

The 26 characters of the English Alphabet are what we rely on to communicate in our society. Whether text message, e-mail, signage, books, or your Facebook status it boils down to knowing your P’s and Q’s. The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society is out to prove that these emblems of communication are built upon, well, character. Each member of the PCS will be interpreting one letter from the Alphabet to be on display at Brave New World Comic Shop this August. From paintings to pen and ink, cartoons to chiaroscuro, all the art will be priced to sell for those who are graphically inclined. From images to icons this exhibition will be one you won’t want to miss.

The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society is a group of cartoonists living and working in Philadelphia. Since 1997, with over 80 members on our mailing list, the PCS has been actively participating in the cartoon and comics community in Philadelphia and its surrounding area. The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society prides itself on contributing to a wide variety of local charities and causes.

Brave New Worlds Comic Shop is a comic jewel located in Olde City. With a wide selection of graphic novels and toys you can always find something unique and extraordinary on their shelves.

Drawn to Letters”
The Alphabet According the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society

August 5th to August 31st
Opening Reception August 5th 6pm to 9pm
at Brave New Worlds Comic Shop
49 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 1906

For more information on the PCS, their members and future shows look us up at

And lastly, in an attempt to raise some funds for 'Dead and Dreaming', I'm selling Lovecraft t-shirts. Check them out HERE. They're stylish, a conversation starter, and CHEAP!!!

I highly recommend coming out to the above events! Hit me up and chew the fat and maybe if you're lucky I'll buy you a beer and tell you about the ten years I spent at the bottom of the ocean building a temple to Dagon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dead and Dreaming Fundraiser T-Shirt

Hey folks, hope you're well. In an effort to raise funds to help print the upcoming 'Dead and Dreaming' art book, I'm doing up Lovecraft t-shirts with the image above. Help out the Autumn Society and a show I'm curating and snag a fancy nerdy t-shirt! You can order them HERE on my etsy store.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

This, That, and the Ugly Thing.

Hey folks, hope you're all well. These past few weeks have been odd at best. Above and below are doodles drawn at Terri's Bar down South Philly way with Steve Ferrell. Drawn in very dim light with a busted micron brush in a swarm of PBR and dirty hipsters. The term 'creep' has always been near and dear to me. I really don't know how else to explain these pieces.

In one month all the digital files are due for 'Dead and Dreaming', a Lovecraft exhibition/book I'm curating at Paradigm Gallery. As per usual, I'm running way behind and have yet to pick a story. Below are two ink warm-ups; From Beyond and Rats in the Walls were bouncing around in my head, but I probably won't do either. If you're going to be stoked for one show this year...this should be the one! A little closer to the show date I'll start leaking images and the artist roster.

Last, but surely not least: Tonight, 'Artificial Dissemination' opens at Masthead Print Studios, curated by my brother, James. Sadly I couldn't manage to get a piece in by the hanging, but it's a stellar show and if you've got nothing better to do... and I'm gonna guess you don't, go to this. Click the image to see the Facebook event page.
More soon folks. I'm not sure what, but it's a commin'.