Saturday, July 9, 2011

This, That, and the Ugly Thing.

Hey folks, hope you're all well. These past few weeks have been odd at best. Above and below are doodles drawn at Terri's Bar down South Philly way with Steve Ferrell. Drawn in very dim light with a busted micron brush in a swarm of PBR and dirty hipsters. The term 'creep' has always been near and dear to me. I really don't know how else to explain these pieces.

In one month all the digital files are due for 'Dead and Dreaming', a Lovecraft exhibition/book I'm curating at Paradigm Gallery. As per usual, I'm running way behind and have yet to pick a story. Below are two ink warm-ups; From Beyond and Rats in the Walls were bouncing around in my head, but I probably won't do either. If you're going to be stoked for one show this year...this should be the one! A little closer to the show date I'll start leaking images and the artist roster.

Last, but surely not least: Tonight, 'Artificial Dissemination' opens at Masthead Print Studios, curated by my brother, James. Sadly I couldn't manage to get a piece in by the hanging, but it's a stellar show and if you've got nothing better to do... and I'm gonna guess you don't, go to this. Click the image to see the Facebook event page.
More soon folks. I'm not sure what, but it's a commin'.

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