Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sketch Book Shenanigans and then some!

Hey folks,
Thanks for stopping by to chew the fat. I've got a lot to report, so quick mix a fresh highball and empty the ashtray, don't worry, I'll wait...
A lot of changes in my life lately, and finally Fall is blowing the stank of summer off my scorched bones with a crisp breeze howling and whistling through the rocks that make up my slump of a burial mound. With the aforementioned changes came a nice chunk of sketchbook time, and some other long-term projects finally have a dim pulse again. Also, this Friday is the opening of Dead and Dreaming, so all kinds of happenings lately. Please share in the unholy matrimony of ink and paper below...
The above is the combination of boredom, some favorite themes, and a half-baked idea for a submission to an upcoming show at Jinxed Gallery. The clearing in the clouds was left blank because I don't want to spoil the punch-line, and I'll more than likely re-draw the whole thing, but the space is going to be filled with a black and white photo (as seen below, but it's just a random image). I did up a little color comp, and as you can probably assume; I don't use color often for a reason.
Next up is two images born of stock-photo browsing. A lot of devil lately. I don't know why... He can cut a rug and would probably be fun to drink with.

The top image was a set of jazz-age cocktail party photos. I stowed them away for later use. Below; a vintage Halloween noise-maker (which I found an identical one selling on ebay for $100).
The above I'm not sure I can explain. I'm pretty sure a song-birds' death rattle is a few bars of an Otis Redding song. I'm a long time James John Audubon fan, and I think there's something bizarre and esoteric about birds, almost to a point of paranoia when I see a heron sailing above seemingly without moving.While typing this I just saw a car commercial with Jennifer Lopez and can't help wondering what her death rattle would be if I stomped her face in with a cast-iron skillet taped to my boot. Makeup stains leather... don't want to mess up my kicks.
Again, stock photos and too much time. Wolf, octopus, flaming heart. Feel free to make-up your own back-story. If it's good maybe we'll do a little book that nobody will read.
Above; signs of life that The Decoy and the Detective with a Melted Face is still roaming around in the back of my heard mumbling Bogart quotes and filling my head with smoke and witty shamus banter. The specific imagery is not from the story; just doodling.

So this Friday the 30th, 6-10PM, at Paradigm Gallery (2020 South Street) is the long-awaited opening of Dead and Dreaming, an exhibition of art inspired by H.P.Lovecraft. Curating this show was a labor of love; it involves both my favorite author and all of my favorite Philadelphia artists and then some. Every time I curate a show, I end up wanting to buy every piece off the wall, so to remedy this: Dead and Dreaming is the first Autumn Society show to have a companion art-book. Laying out the book was a bit of a bitch, as was dealing with Lulu, but the end result is a sweet fucking tome of awesome, available HERE. See the full press release for the show HERE and RSVP on the facebook event page HERE.
And there are still Lovecraft shirts available (I'm not sure what sizes...I think all except medium), buying one helps offset some of the costs for this show/book so take a gander HERE.
Thanks for stopping in and perusing my scribbles. I've got a lot of things in the works so blog-updates will be a little more frequent now. Check back soon folks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dead and Dreaming book NOW AVAILABLE!

After much ado, layout, and waiting for a proof, I present to you the printed rendition of 'Dead and Dreaming'. The book turned out fan-fucking-tastic (aside from my own piece, that printed dark, and the levels are off, and it looks like shit). I always felt like Lovecraft's voluminous correspondence and handwritten manuscripts were art worth framing, so I thought it would be appropriate to pair each finished piece with a piece of preliminary art, which turned out swimmingly, and really takes the work to another level. You can see a short preview and pick-up a copy of the book HERE.

More soon folks. Been doing a lot of sketching and plotting.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dead and Dreaming poster

Hey folks,
Hope you're all well. Above is the promo poster for 'Dead and Dreaming' (I picked the pieces and letters at random, hope nobody's offended I couldn't fit each artist in). To see the press-release, check out the last post.
Also, I've been invited to a Halloween show, and I have a load of sketchbook stuff to scan and share, so plenty of new stuff soon folks. Fall is turning out to be a pretty good 'art month'. Check back soon!