Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blow wind blow...

Hey folks. Hope you're all enjoying the world decomposing around you. I sure as fuck am. Not a whole lot to report today; hope you enjoy it none the less. Below started as an idea for a Halloween card; there was originally a skull fella waving to the Great Punkin Worm in the bottom right corner, with type centered in the top reading 'Don't worry, I will come find you underground just to say Happy Halloween'. This probably won't get finished to be printed in time for the holidays.
The following are two busted brush-pen doodles. I really need to go art-supply shopping... or just give-up on disposable brush-pens and pick back up the crowquill and ink-pot.

Also of interest, is doing a write-up on Dead and Dreaming. It might be up monday; I'll be sure to post the linkage here. Thanks to all the artists and folks who attended the opening. If you missed it, you can see/buy art HERE or get a copy of the collected book HERE.

More soon folks. I promise...

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