Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BIG NEWS comes in strange packages...

I hope you're all doing well and everybody's healthy going into the Holiday season. I know it's been a while, but I assure you I've been extremely busy sowing together random animal limbs and chanting out of skin-bound tomes, all in preparation, solely for your delight. The above is a work in progress, proof that the pen has not left my hand.
More importantly, It's with great pleasure that I whisper in your ear that after several dozen back-alley meetings, a whole lot of beer, and a well-prepared proposal, some friends and I have been granted our own gallery space. Thanks to the Arts on South program, our gallery PHANTOM HAND (logo by James Heimer) will be kicking off a four exhibition run hosting the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society's Out to Dry 3 this December 23rd at 6:00 PM. If you're not familiar with these extremely fun and affordable shows, they're collections of sketchbook pages, limited edition prints, and framed work. We felt this should would act as a great introduction to the artists showing at PHANTOM HAND. The gallery is at 604 South Street, so you can pay us a visit, and in the same foul swoop pick up some comics, grab a dog or two at Hot Diggity, and slam a few pounders at Tattooed Moms. Now I know what you're thinking... "an opening on December 23rd? That's Christmas eve EVE." Well howdya like that, it IS. And because this show is CASH and CARRY, you can get artwork for all the friends and family you forgot to get gifts for... or maybe you already got gifts for, but now you feel an original Jefffro Kilpatrick would make a nicer gift than monogramed wine glasses, or that a silk-screened poster by James Heimer kicks the shit out of a snuggie any day of the week. So if you're not headed off to the North Pole, stop by the opening, check out some great art, have a beer or two, and maybe get yourself some new purty pictures for your bare, depressing walls. And bring some friends while you're at it; the place is pretty big and we need lots of bodies to heat it.

PHANTOM HAND Presents: The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society's Out to Dry 3
Opening reception December 23rd, 6:00 PM
604 South Street

If you don't hear from me again prior, happy holidays folks.
<3 Catfish Heimer