Monday, January 16, 2012

I have so much to tell you...

Hope you're all well. Things have gone from stagnant to overdrive very quickly so I've got several different projects to report, as well as quite a few events.
First and foremost, if you haven't seen the volley of posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, some friends and I are running a gallery at 6th and South, aptly titled Phantom Hand, to which most of my artistic efforts have gone in the past month. Below is the finished color version of Bar Squid; giclees are available at the gallery.

Bar Squid is part of the current show at Phantom Hand; the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society presents Out to Dry 3. The closing reception is this coming Saturday, the 21st, from 6PM to the witching hour. The very next Friday, Artificial Dissemination 2; Propaganda to Popaganda opens. The following is a cropped color study for my piece, which may or may not get scrapped later today for something else.

You can like the gallery on Facebook, follow the blog, or add us on twitter @PhantomHandArt to get updates about upcoming shows. February we'll be showing AD, as well as a traveling show, a weekend show-poster exhibit, and the opening of a top-secret show curated by the enigmatic team that is Eamon Dougherty and Jeffro Kilpatrick.

If you have not yet made it through our doors, you really should stop by. I've been to, and in, quite a few Philadelphia exhibitions, and as far as the Low-Brow and working man's art goes, this is the largest collection I've seen to date. The show is cash and carry, and new work has been arriving on an almost daily basis, so the show has been continually changing over the month, keeping it fresh and really exciting.

This next piece is a doodle from the intramural art & design club I run at the school I work. The project was both combining photo-reference and a personal piece. I'll let you guess what this piece says about me. Even with photo-reference, I cannot handle lighting... something to work on.

Also on the stove; I've been invite to Jinxed's annual Heart show, opening the weekend prior to my Birthday...and some other Holiday. I let them down last year, so I've got to do up something nice this year. AND I'm participating in a Horror Anthology comic where writers are given topics at random and paired with an artist. Mine includes Russia, tattoos, Demons, and an Orphanage. Rock! If any of you remember my long term comic project, The Detective with a Melted Face, you know that sequential format is a challenge I have yet to best, so this will be a rough ride.
And lastly, what blog post is complete without some nonsensical doodles.

The above was inspired by both my new obsession with Hot Diggity, and overhearing some polo-wearing Ricky Retardos have a fearful conversation about gay marriage.

I hope you've all enjoyed this, and please, come down to Phantom Hand, say hi, chew the fat, see the art, and have a beer with me. More soon. A lot more.

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