Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mythology And The Bats In My Belfry...

Hope you're all well. I've got a bunch to report, and a little to show this time around. First and foremost; PHANTOM HAND has been granted an extension, and we'll be running the low-brow art racket in South Philadelphia into the summer. The following is for this Friday's opening reception of Mythology and the Forgotten Gods, curated by Anthony Pedro. I'm nowhere near happy with the piece, but I accomplished my one goal for this show: don't do any grecoroman shit. I went with a lil' bit of Slavic mythology that mirrors legend and myth in many other countries. This is my version of Rousluka.

If you've got nothing better to do this Friday come on down to the Phantom for this opening. So far every piece of work I've seen for it is killer. Check out the facebook event page for details HERE.

Opening April 20th at Grindcore House is Empty Night Skies, a show benefiting Bat Conservation International in hopes of helping in the fight against White Nose Syndrome. This show is going to be a knock-out; it's a great cause, and the artist list is expansive and air-tight. Below is one of many works in progress for this show. As per usual; not happy. Under it is the original sketch, and an inked page that maintains the nicer flow of the doodle. The prior is too static, but I like the laborious inking better. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. Below needs tweaking and a color overhaul. Comments are always welcome. Special thanks to Mike Bukowski for inviting me to participate.

In other news, I was invited to participate in a show this October at a tattoo shop/gallery up in NY. I'm also prepping a mailer, doing some uber-mushy greeting card illustrations, and exercising some daemons through self-deprecating self-portraits that will be filed in my chimnea the next chilly night. More soon.


wandering genie said...

Sam, both your pieces look great. I'm a big fan of the widespread folkloric fear of "things that drown you". There seem to be so many in Slavic, Irish, British and Welsh folklore particularly.

The bat piece is coming along great too. I agree about the flow of the sketch but I do like the finished mock up. One small correction, the show is at Grindcore House. The Snyderman Gallery is just the shipping address cause Mike works there. Really stoked to have you in the show!

Sam 'Catfish' Heimer said...

Thanks for the kind words! And location corrected, thanks for pointing that out.