Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Processing Process: Fresh Carved Halloween

Before and After
Hope you're all well. Back when Phantom Hand still had a physical address, Jl Joseph Beaulieu asked if I'd participate in his group show 'Crucifuction'. Here is no more suitable to tell you about my views on religion than a packed bar after a dozen specials, so I'll just say I jumped at the idea. Fast forward a few months, I've got insane drawing block, and every thumbnail I sketch for this show just comes off as the garden-variety angry crap. As per-usual, I go back to my safe-place, Halloween.

Right when I started this blog I did a processing process bit on screen-printing a show-poster and my creative process (in three parts, very informative, check it out!). While  there was no sketch phase for this, I took a few haphazard photos along the way I thought somebody might find interesting. The top-left photo was found at a Cape May antique shop a good four years ago; I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it, just not how. It took a solid day to dismantle it, clean the parts I saved, and attach the virgin mary to my birdfeeder out back. The replacement statue is old-hat, and if you came to the 9 to 5 or Hallowed Halloween shows you've probably already seen the Patron Saint of Halloween. 

Thanks to the advice and employer of Anthony Pedro I was able to secure a piece of wood that was actually meant to be carved. Several hours, beers, and packs of cigarettes later I arrived at the below. Given the time left till the show, and not knowing how long it would take me to paint and re-assemble, I stopped there and started painting the statue and the glass. The glass was a bitch because I had to put down a satin finish so there would be some tooth for the acrylic to hold onto. It's a bit rough, but it worked. Sorry no picture.

The below is the back being re-adhered to the framing, which had to be cut away after all the putty and glue were dry because there was dust on the inside of the glass sealed into the box. Next to it, the painted statue. The interior was also re-worked; the bottom compartment was reupholstered with orange and white polka-dot fabric, and the top painted black.

A detail of the re-worked crucifix that came with the set. It originally contained a bottle for holy water, a cloth, a silver plate and spoon (I'm assuming to give communion to invalids), cotton balls, and the crucifix. I'm in the process of getting a shallow dish and candy corn for the interior.

I know the venue perfectly well, and I know that no beer-swilling hipster is going to see the above, stop and think "Dude...halloween... the harvest... DUDE! Our food dies for us every-day!" but it was worth a shot. Below are some very shitty pictures of the finished product that don't show the fine detail or time I spent on this piece; for that you'll have to come out to the opening! (See below)

Cruci-fuck-tion; Decaying Remnants of a Forgotten Mythology
Opening reception Friday, July 27th, 7:00PM-2:00PM
Tatooed Moms - 530 South Street, Philadelphia
From the Facebook page:

DJ Performances by:
Andrew Wolfgang Kuhl
Only Violence
James Intrinsic


Brianna Cerifica
Fran Ho
Ant Man
Michael Bukowski
Michael Wohlberg
Paul Mccarroll
Alex C
Sean Malseed
J Patrick Cleary
Jason Goldberg
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Inge Vandormael

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Odder odds and ended ends

Hope you're all well. Things have been... I don't have a word for it really... new, slightly stagnant, stressful on a new level, hot pan, idle and yet not. A few odds and ends to show for the past few months; emphasis on odd. Most was not fit to put up here.

Several hours of cross hatching is a warm blanket and a bracing shot of bourbon luge-ed off a sleeping bison's horn. The above helped me through a stressful few days. Not a far stretch from my usual doodle fodder, but something about this felt new to me. Can't put my finger on it. The plan was to do a second layer/color under all the hatching, but I won't spoil what it'd be in the event that I actually finish it.  

The above is an annual ritual starting early. Check a few posts back for a collection of Halloween work I've done over the years. This is going to be the header for a poster, a sort of how-to if you will. 

A quick illo in anticipation of the Hot-Sauce competition at Tattoo Moms a few weeks back. Being a blind taste-test, I did not enter my show-stopper sauce, that contains Squid Ink; didn't want to poison any shellfish allergic/vegan folk. Of course some fuck-tard enters a sauce that contains Worcestershire, flavored with anchovies. Dick head. I hope you get penetrated next time you're in the ocean by a Voltron-style phallic made from a thousand herring joining forces, later spurring flash-back panic-attacks every time you pass a Red Lobster or can of smoked mackerel. 

Some of you may remember this antique (middle pic) I found a few years back; finally getting around to using it for Jl Joseph Beaulieu's Cruci-fuck-tion show at Tattoo Mom's at the end of the month. Completely dismantled, and I'm in the process of reworking each element of the thing. Really hoping I can get it done. Each part is in various stages.

I know I mentioned some Phantom Hand news in the works, but it's still to gossamer to share. Just know we're not giving up. Alex set us up with doing some work for South Street's Hot Dog Festival later this month, so keep an eye peeled for wiener-inspired work at or around Hot Diggity. More soon I promise.