Sunday, September 30, 2012

Iran, Halloween, and A Fond Farewell

Hope you're all well. As previously mentioned, things have picked up ten-fold, so I've got a bunch of goodies to share, and some sad news towards the bottom. The above was going to be a header for a handbill listing ways YOU could preserve Halloween, ranging from how to deal with assholes who turn out the lights the night of trick-or-treating, to educating people on the truths behind the non-existent candy-tampering and the only recorded death that sparked the fear-mongering and insanity of x-raying candy (see Timothy M. O'Brien).

If you've been following my work on this blog, you know I have a very big, pulpy soft-spot for Halloween. The above is the almost-done inks for (hopefully) one of my pieces for Phantom Hand's Halloween show at Tattooed Mom. A slightly more tender handling of my loved holiday this year. It's awaiting some ink wash and limited color. Prints will be available at the aforementioned one-night exhibition. I can already tell this is going to be a killer show; everybody at A Nation of Evil Men 2 was already working on pieces and pretty damn excited to be doing it.

Speaking of A Nation of Evil Men 2; here's the process for my piece. The first sketch started out me trying and failing to get a likeness, and then tired and irritated from work, tuning the sketch into a monster. Of course I didn't end up using it.

The following wasn't much better in the likeness department, and while I really wanted to render falice arms, this just wasn't going the way I wanted it to. Abandon ship.

After a few more tries at the face, and a composition that made more sense and was right to the point, I arrived at the below. Kinda looks like him, and I wanted to challenge myself with color... by actually using it. A shit-ton of it. If I had had another week or two I probably would have scrapped the finish of this, but it was better than the pieces I put in the prior version of this exhibition, so I called it even.

The bulk of my creative growth happened the several years I lived in Philadelphia, and my fondest memories of that period are largely connected to four people. Sadly, Friday night I joined friends and well-wishers and saw off one of these four on the next leg of his journey.
I've always been proud to call Anthony Pedro a friend. He's a stand up guy through and through, and his work is a rarity these days, one I take extreme pleasure in. I wrote about him a while back, and again would like to mention that his work really is a mirror into a persona you're just not going to see having a beer with him. His painting is epic, humbling, and at times chilling. It is largely nostalgic of a life he might have left this past Friday to go find, and while I'll miss him, I hope he finds it.
This is a long winded way of me saying 'keep the wind at your back pal'. And if you've never seen Anthony's work, go here now, and light a candle in hope that wherever he lays his head next, he'll have time to create.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Teasers, Two Badass Shows, and Shit You Can Buy


Hope you're all well. While this summer was pretty stagnant, like clockwork, autumn breathes new life into everything I've been working on. As mentioned previously, Phantom Hand is hosting two exhibitions at Tattooed Mom, and the first, A Nation Of Evil Men 2, is this coming Saturday! (Press release below)
I curated the first A Nation of Evil Men at Masthead Print Studio a few years back and frankly, I dropped the ball. This year I was determined not to let planning the exhibition get in the way of me hanging a strong piece. I think I pulled it off. This is only a detail, but I really stepped out of my comfort zone for this one. Color! Lots of it! I'll be posting the full piece and all the sketches and nasty bits following the opening for those of you who can't make it.

No Matter How You Slice It, This Won't End Well...
It's been pretty quiet in my inbox, but as long as all 40 some artists pull through, this is going to be one hell of a show. And it's at Tattooed Moms, so you don't have to worry about us running out of cheap, shit beer or blood-finger trying to take you home for a gumming.

Work in progress // Detail
Hot on the heels of A Nation of Evil Men, Phantom Hand is hosting Halloween (Saturday, October 27th) at Tattooed Moms. I look forward to these Halloween shows as soon as the prior year's exhibitions come off the wall, so I started the above a wee bit early. As per usual, I have a few different ideas sketched out, so what ends up on the wall might be something completely different. This is definitely going to be a show not to miss. Whatever I end up crafting for this show will be put up here in full the day after the opening.

My Etsy has long been fallow since hocking my wares at Phantom Hand, so I decided to get some new stuff up there. I finally had greeting cards printed (above) and I put up the PCS's third anthology that I'm in. In the coming weeks/months I'll have up new screen-prints and pieces from the upcoming Phantom Hand shows. Take a look!

Also worth mentioning is that I might be doing a poster(s) for Parade of Flesh again, I'm in the process of quitting smoking, and hopefully I'll be moving back to Philly with my lovely girlfriend in the months to come. More soon folks. Lots more.

Tattooed Mom
604 South Street, Philadelphia PA
ONE NIGHT ONLY! Saturday, September 22nd 7:00PM-2:00AM
Phantom Hand and Tattooed Mom presents the second installment of an expose of the faces of evil that make history grimly entertaining. A collection of the debased, comically villainous, perverted, violent, controversial, and grotesque figures that were truly stranger than fiction. These faces and persona have been the fodder for a million books, movies, history channel specials, and bad jokes; A Nation of Evil Men will bring them all together for your viewing pleasure.