Friday, October 26, 2012

A Heartfelt Halloween

Hope you're all well in the days prior to this most sacred holiday. Sorry if this post is overly emotional (for me) but tis' the season. Once again, like clockwork, the only piece I've been truly happy with this year was created for Halloween. I was going around thinking I'm going through a 'transition' period, but this year has been strictly change in every area of my life, not excluding my art. I know the imagery is a mash-up of my favorites, but the composition is different this time around. Not to toot my own horn, but it's cohesive this time; the parts fit, it's leaving the static, and with the help of people like Kyle Margiotta (thanks again man) I think I'm getting better at leading the eye.

 I started this just doodling the center guy, who was originally intended to be the innards and seeds of the Jack O' Lantern, sitting at B2 coffeeshop chatting method with Brad Kingett. Then I crossed the street to the Pope and had my first pumpkin ale of the season and saw Steve Ferrell for the first time in years, was joined by Jeff Kilpatrick, and drew some more. The rest of the inking was done in between e-mails setting up Phantom Hands Halloween exhibit at Tattooed Mom. Having the opportunity to do Phantom Hand has been fucking amazing, and of the many fringe benefits, is being able to reconnect with people I had grown apart from when I moved out of Philadelphia. As of last week, I'm moving back into the city. I titled this piece 'Better Shared with Friends'. 

 If you haven't made (weekend-prior) Halloween plans, some of the best and brightest artists in Philly are getting together to show art at Tattooed Mom in celebration of Halloween; come on out!

 As well as my new piece, I'll be hanging some older Halloween pieces like the below.

 And what would a blog post be without some senseless doodles? I rarely get political with my art, but I couldn't resist while listening to the first debate. Please note, on the Jay Leno show, Obamma rescinded Michelle's 'healthy eating' plan for Halloween and specifically said "All Americans get candy". You just got my vote Mr. President. And fuck Romey anyway.

 Thanks for stopping in and reading my rambling. Also, I started a tumblr to share process photos and works in progress; you can see it HERE. I really hope you all get to spend this holiday with friends, and if you're not busy, come say hello at our art show. More soon. I promise.

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