Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fading to Black and White

Corpse in Barbed-wire -Flanders

Hope you're all well. Things on my end have been odder than usual, but I've got bits and pieces to show for it, and I think in the long run, living out of the trunk of my car is going to make for some grungy-ass art in the next month or two.
The above is an Otto Dix etching from his book Der Kreig that's been sitting in the back of my head since I stumbled across it. While kicking around ideas for Phantom Hand's Last Meal exhibition I remembered bits and pieces from a documentary I watched on Chef Boyardee. Yeah, you heard that right. If you're unfamiliar with my source material, I highly recommend pouring over Dix's work. While the Boyardee story is interesting, I don't suggest going out for a can of beef-a-roni and walking down memory lane because you'll probably shit your pants mid stroll.

I really enjoyed brainstorming for this show, and really wish I had a few more weeks to work on it. Below was my first idea. I wanted something rough and grungy and yet loving from a distance. I showed this to a few dozen friends and asked "what current event is this?" Nobody guessed it. All I had to say was 'Bath Salts' and they got it immediately. If you didn't follow the story as avidly as I did, the only drug they found in his system was marijuana.

The opening went pretty well. A bad-ass member of the armed services who's been following Phantom Hand since the South Street location bought a fist-full of work from the show and coincidentally was in Baghdad with a dear friend of mine. The wall was solid and as usual, Phantom mainstays like Ed Kelley and Rob Leef stole the show.

I never got around to posting the rest of the work from The Dead Cats of Civilization so here's a double-dose of work for the Phantom. The following was the first piece I started for the show, working in a way I'm not accustomed to. It's a re-visioning of a past-master, but fuck if I can find the painting I was looking at. I was going to juxtapose a GPS screen over the map, but thought it'd just ruin the image. Think I might finish up a few parts and slap it on a greeting card with the words 'anywhere with you' on the interior. How's that for sugar-coated.

The pieces I ended up hanging revolved around my mortal enemy; religion. I didn't get to do the epic screen-print I wanted to from the start so this is what I ended up with. No Kings, No Gods, Only Man.

This past Saturday before making my way to Jinxed I stopped in UArts for an Artist Trading Cards session with the immensely talented Patch, Lomax and a bunch of high-school art students. Below is pretty much all I managed to crank out but it was a blast. UArts hasn't changed much; there's still a large, fucking awful painting hanging outside the library.

Lately I've managed to get back to one of my favorite past-times, the ol' drink and draw, with some of my favorite artists. If you run afoul me in a South Philly taproom, words aren't necessary, just pull up a chair, order a beer, and get doodling. It'll get intimate real fast. I promise.

In other news, the Lovecraft art-zine I'm in, Puffed Shoggoths, curated by the madman Trevor Henderson, reached and surpassed it's goal on Kickstarter, so it's going to print! Phantom Hand has two killer shows slated for June, I might have two split solo shows in the works, planning some big things for Halloween, and my latest mailer has been mailed bit by bit to craft-beer companies and I haven't heard shit.

Come find me in the bars of Philadelphia. Let's draw. You're buying.