Friday, May 31, 2013

Pure Black gets BLACKER!

Hey folks,
Hope you're all enduring the heat better than I am. Starting to enjoy getting back into posting on here regularly, even with my muse adventuring somewhere in the darker parts of the Orient. Some new work to put under your nose and some news items worth flipping our your calender for, be it google or analog.

Above is my first full illustration inking only with my newly acquired Pentel Pocket Brush. The inks and colors were given the same treatment as the piece I posted here last. Still on the fence about the Pentel and the digital texture, but I'm gonna let this be the summer of experimentation so fuck it.The imagery is an amalgamation of my love for Edward Gorey, the urge to do a children's book, and having the chance to watch greats like Tom Leonard, Bob Byrd, and Roger Roth work. If I ever spend an extended amount of time in the hospital I'm gonna devote my time to scratching this off my bucket-list, so look out Babar and Curious George... I'm coming for your throats and fancy head-ware.

More random doodles using the Pentel and a Rebecca Moss crowquill loaded with Noodlers' not fucking waterproof Habanero ink. Top left was a doodle in a good groove but I got cocky and jumped the shark. Not going to explain that one so don't ask. The Halloween images we tiny square studies. Think I might try doing some print/design/paper-goods for the joint Halloween show I'm doing with madman-Canadian Trevor Henderson at Grindcore House this fall. Bottom right is more angry ink.

Coming this June is the Phantom Hand exhibition Small Talk at Jinxed and if those words don't get you all hot and bothered something is wrong with your southern parts. The artist list includes some Phantom mainstays like my art-crush Edward Kelley (did the art above, James Heimer did the design) and some members who haven't participated since we had our gallery on South, as well as some new talent from around the city, and a few imported from out West. Not to toot my own horn, but the concept for this show is pretty badass:
"This June, Phantom Hand appeals to the voyeurs and people-watchers. Small Talk is an exploration of the awkward, forced, occasionally drunk, seemingly meaningless and yet necessary interactions we have with strangers every day. Participating artists will be asked to go out into the world - whatever bars, coffee shops, buses or dark alleys they may haunt - and sketch from life, maybe even eavesdrop and jot down snippets of conversation to be used in making of their final piece of artwork. Artists will be supplied with identical Field Notes brand memo-books to work in, and a page of this preliminary work will hang with each finished piece of art, both unifying the show and giving a rawer glimpse of the artists’ studies."
So I've got a few weeks to hammer out a few studies, do some eavesdropping, and get the final art done. I'm gonna be mad at myself (more than usual) if I don't make the most of this concept.

Last but certainly not least, David Rankin still has work up at Jinxed, and will until Small Talk. I highly recommend... no, I insist, go see these paintings before they get bought up, like the one I had intended to purchase. Got your plates by the way... I'm coming for my goddamn painting buddy. Get up on these things real close and soak in the bizarre texture, scratches, and gloss layers. The guys methods are enigmatic.  

More soon folks. And it's gonna be real messy. I promise.

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