Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wherever you may roam...

Hey folks,
Hope you're all well. I've got some big things coming up and as long as I don't shit the bed, I'll be posting some cool work on here in the coming months. In August, Phantom Hand has Leaving opening at Jinxed, followed by a literary show at The Art Dept. in Fishtown the first week of September. Later in the month, I'm doing a split solo show with Canadian madman Trevor Henderson at Grindcore House revolving around Halloween. About fucking time, right? Below is some brainstorming for that show.

Due in October, a page for a Little Nemo / Winsor McCay tribute book being put out by Locust Moon comics. The list of celebrity contributing artists is insane and if I can pull off a page of sequential format, something I've struggled with for a while, I'll be in print with big-wigs like Paul Pope and Bill Sienkiewicz. Check out the press-release HERE.

And in November I might be showing at Atlantis. I'll have more to show next time... promise...