Saturday, October 11, 2014

Radio Silence and Ground to Cover...

Hope you're all well. Much has changed since I last chewed your ear; occupation, living situation, love life, hate life, etc... so if you've been stopping by expecting regular updates, please direct your attention to my Instagram account, which seems to be the only thing I can update with regularity @sam_heimer.
The above is my first offering for Hallowe'en this year. Not sure if I'll be hanging the original inks, or a print, but it'll be in Infernale at Ritual Ritual, curated by the incredible Caitlin McCormack. This
show is going to be chock full of Halloween badassery so come on out! You can check the event page HERE and prints of the above are available HERE. October 17th.
I've been trying to work in a slightly different style for my annual Halloween piece each year, but if you look at them chronologically, there is a thread, I promise you. I won't bore you with the thoughts behind the piece, as it's become something personal and probably as close to heartfelt as I'll ever get in my work. Hope you enjoy it.

Prior to getting back into the autumn spirit, I had a few things on the stove. Above is the completed 'Midnight in the Desert' print set. These were scrawled in a moleskin with ballpoint exclusively sitting in the Philadelphia Free Library, watching the homeless come in to bathe and check their linkedin accounts for possible CEO openings. In several stories H.P. Lovecraft describes the desert in such a bone chilling way that I had to try and communicate my unease at reading these passages on paper. I realize they have a sort of sense of humor about them, and they are loose and sketchy as fuck, but I achieved what I wanted to.

The above was for a Phantom Hand show at Jinxed that passed like a fart in a warm breeze. I had a lot of fun with the piece and it printed stunningly so win win. If you can't figure out the meaning of this piece there's probably something wrong with your brain. Also for Phantom Hand is the following few images, done for a show titled 'The Most Exquisite of Corpses' peopled by Eamon Dougherty, Alex Eckman-Lawn, and myself. The show was fun, but a little rushed. I'd love to do this with a bigger group of artists and wheat paste some of the corpses around Philly.

I started carving again. This started as something I was doing exclusively for the Jinxed stores here in Philly, but have since taken on some fun commissions. Each carving is done on an antique chair, the different woods and finishes alter the detail greatly. If you're interested in getting one, there's about a months wait, but you can email questions to

Sadly, much of what I've been working on this year has not yet been printed, published, or used, so I can't share it here. That being said, I do have some excited projects slated with some awesome people. In closing; some doodles for your enjoyment.

And hey, if we don't talk again before Hallowe'en, I hope the holiday treats you and yours well.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I have so so much to tell you...

Hey folks,
Sorry for the long radio silence but I've just gotten a working computer and semi-permanent residence. Much has transpired since I last nibbled your ear!

First up is the first in what has been the funnest string of private commissions I've done in a while. Fun subject matter and fun client.

Both illustrated Nietzsche quotes. Below is the thumbnail for the second piece. For once a private commission is something in my wheelhouse and not somebody's dead dog or a godawful joke.

There has been a string of great art zines coming out of Canada, the most recent I've worked on is Monster Edition, a Goosebumps fan-art zine. Typically I scoff at fan art requests... but this post contains two... hah.

Kinda wish I spent more time on this one, but I'm happy enough with it. The zine got write-ups on both Huffington Post HERE and Comic Book Resources HERE and yours truly is the second image in both articles. You can snag a copy HERE, it's chock full of some really great art. Par for the course, I didn't get the Patron Saint of Halloween out of my system, and was asked to do a shirt for Mister Dressup, a t-shirt site out of... yup, Canada. Loving that place lately. So yeah, they got the Patron Saint, and the shirt just went live, you can snag one HERE.

Prior to all the Halloween festivities I muscled my way into a Little Nemo tribute book being put out by Locust Moon Comics. The book is full of local favorites like Rog Petersen and Jeffro Kilpatrick, as well as some really big-shot comic artists, and the book is being printed TO THE SCALE OF THE ORIGINAL NEMO COMICS! Fucking crazy. It took a lot of teeth-pulling and coaching from Rog, but I finally jumped the sequential-format hurdle. Not sure when this is coming out, and I can't show you the whole thing, but here's a little quad panel from the page.

 A friend was trying to explain this Totoro character to me and fuck if it made sense... but I had to draw it. All I could think about was what the fuck this thing was possibly eating to get so big, and what drugs it was snorting to have such cracked out eyes. Below is what happens when I muse on the already imaginary.

 So I've gotten into a pretty good work routine;  expect new stuff on the regular. I know I say that every year, but this time I mean it. See that? I just lied to your face. And now... the customary drunk doodles.